Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another well-written Israeli Blog

Take a look at this enjoyable, well written Israeli blog - Frothing at the mouth about politics, idea and culture.


UPDATE: Allison wrote about another powerful blog (with a terrifying parenting story), Stefanella's Drive-Thru.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Video Blog from Israeli Foreign Ministry

The Israeli government launched a video blog called Israel Videoblog. Any Israeli can submit video to it. As Allison writes (thanks for the tip), it is "designed to show the world the sides of the country that you don't see on CNN.
It's open to everyone -- any Israeli can send in their video and if it makes the grade, it will be put on the site. It's being put together by the consulate in New York, and its target audience is internet-savvy international youth aged 16-30."

Check it out, submit video and let's do our part to raise Israel's image in the world.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Another Link Addition

>Allison (mazal tov on your new neice) introduced me to Giving Up Sundays, an Israeli blog.

The title itself brought back memories of living in Israel. One of the elements of minor culture-shock when I first arrived was the idea that the weekend was Shabbat only - Friday mid-day through Saturday. Sunday was a regular day. Wow - living the Jewish calendar each week and holidays. Fun - most of the time.

Many who work in the rabbinate are long used to giving up our Sundays for Religious School, teaching, tutoring, programs and events. Maybe instead of grumbling about it, I can think of it as one way to live my life closer to how it is lived in Israel!

Typing farewell to use my time well now and every day.

Additions to the Link Blog

It's almost 1 am and I am wide awake, so as I watch the Olympics (and fast forward through quite a bit - hooray for Tivo) I'm blog surfing, finding many new interesting blogs. Here are some I'm adding into my links:

Israeli Blogs:
Adventures in Nikkiland
Am Echad
Homey in a Strange Land, Stranger in a Homeland
My Home in Israel
Raanana Ramblings
The Dry Bones Blog
Tour Guide Tales

Jewish Blogs:
The Hazzn's Tish
Rachel's Adventures

Enjoy and feel free to suggest more!