Sunday, November 27, 2005

Mazal tov Unorthodox Paradox

Mazal tov to the Unorthodox Paradox on his recent engagement! May your lives together be wonderful, long and filled with love and learning!!!

A Few New (to me) Israeli Blogs

Thanks Allison for links to some "new" Israeli blogs -


Knifedge Kvetch

Which Surprised Her

Click, read and enjoy!
Shavuah tov.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Rav Kook on Leadership & Holiness

The great late Chief Rabbi Kook one wrote a short drash on holiness in leadership/government called "In the Holy of Holies." In it he writes of the obligation of leaders to work with everyone - whatever their personal observance - honoring them all.

Date Set for Israeli Elections

A date is now set for elections for the next Knesset/Israeli Governmnet - March 28, 2006.

With Sharon's new party and alliances, things will likely get interesting.

Read more about it on Ha'aretz.

A Close Call

An Israeli civilian had a very close call today when his hanglider went into Lebanese airspace as he descended. He ran for his life, aided by some IDF troops in the area.

Read about his narrow escape on Ha'aretz

May you have no similar close calls today.
If you are travelling for American Thanksgiving, enjoy, be safe and enjoy your company!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Official Vatican Homophobia

NPR reported today that Gay men will not be accepted to study for the priesthood nor become priests. More legislation of bigotry.

Two of the liberal streams of Judaism, Reform and Reconstructionist, ordain out-of-the-closet rabbis who are gay and lesbian. The conservative movement is struggling over this issue - has been for years.

Too many people get hurt by hatred and close-mindedness.

May all find courage and hope even in the face of discrimination.

Israel is helping the world breathe easier

A great deal of technology has and is being invented in Israel (think fast chips, instant messaging, cellular phones....). Now scientist have invented a machine that allows them to help pulmonary patients breathe easier.

Nicky Blackburn at Israel 21c reports about the findings of Dr. Igal Kushnir, the founder and CEO of Deep Breeze Medical Diagnosis.

Blackburn quotes Kushnir as saying,
..."We have a completely novel technology with enormous potential, not just for the pulmonology market but also for cardiology. This is exciting and new. There has been nothing this big since ultrasound."

Read all about it!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Many things happening in the world

So many things are going on in the world - in Israel, in the US and elsewhere. Life has been so crazy - filled with work, reading, learning, teaching that I have had no time to post.