Monday, April 05, 2004

Passover Links

Passover begins tonight at sundown. I hope you have a wonderful and freedom-filled seder.

The web is full of many excellent Passover/Pesach links. Here are just a few:

Food sites for Passover:
Food for Passover

recipes from ShalomBoston

General Passover Information
Basics of Passover - the Seder Plate, Hosting a Seder...
Calling out in the Dark (article on Passover)
Cleaning for Passover - removing the hametz
Definitions of Passover terms
Jewish Agency Passover Resources - many links
List of Passover Sites (Jacob Richman)
Maven Passover links
NFTY Resources on Passover
Nurit Reshef's Passover Site
Parent Page about Passover
Passover on the Net - many links
Passover at the Supermarket
Pesach information
Virtual Seder Plate

Haggadot/Haggadahs for your Seder:
Haggadah exhibit online
Miriam's Cup
Passover - a Season of Justice
Telling the Story
Reading about modern day slavery
Uncle Eli's Fun Haggadah

Kids sites for Passover:
Hanukkat Passover site
Kid's Domain Passover Site
Pesach Project
Sesame Street Charoset activity/recipe

Songs for Passover (traditional, fun, parodies and more)
Songs from Congregation Beth Or
Passover Songs Old and New (pdf)

Teaching/Lesson Plans for & about Passover
Craft -make a matzah cover
Definitions of Passover terms
Jewish Agency Passover Resources - many links
Parent Page about Passover
Passover - a Season of Justice
Plagues - early childhood lesson plan (from Melton)
Plagues - Cards (pdf)
Teacher outlines from JAFI
Tearing through Passover (4th grade lesson plan)
V'shinantam teacher's newsletter full of Passover ideas

Counting the Omer
All about the Omer (from Aish)
Count the omer with Homer Simpson (from Jvibe)

Women's Seders
Miriam's Cup - background, ritual and more
Religion & Ethics Newsweekly Story on a Women's Seder


Blogger Elimelech Ha-Levi said...

Shalom and Hi Rabbi:

It's good that you offer a plethora of Pesach / Passover websites, for as it is said at the end of the opening paragraph of the Haggadah, that "anyone who adds/increases/does more to tell the story of the Exodus, this is praiseworthy."

Keep up the great work on your list of Pesach / Passover websites. Oh yes, and the header photo is nice too, wonder where that was taken.

Sincerely, Eli Ha-Levi, BA, M.L.I.S. (professional librarian)
Pesach / Passover Website: Passover - Pesach : History and Meaning of Freedom in Faith.
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

3:31 PM  

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